Interlocking Stall Mats with 15 Year Warranty Means Peace of Mind!

Interlocking Stall Mat Aisle

40 years of experience has taught us how to achieve the optimum balance of a long lasting horse stall mat that offers good traction even when wet! The rubber mat insulates the resting horse against cold and damp. The resilient rubber cushions your horses’ feet and legs.

Why 3/4” of recycled vulcanized rubber:
Less bedding = reduced cost
Vulcanized = completely non-absorbent
Vulcanized = durability – will not lift or curl
Flat surface = less work – easy to clean
Flat bottom = no grooves for bacteria to grow


40 years ago our vulcanized mats were introduced to the Equine Community, using recycled rubber. Since 1968 we have been able to keep half a billion pounds of rubber out of landfills!